C & A Thomason, our main source of mussels in Shetland, have purchased a new harvesting vessel. HIE’s money has supported the firm to purchase equipment for the deck of the vessel which will enable the company to clean and grade the mussels prior to landing. With only one vessel in operation maintenance work such as tying more buoys onto sinking lines, tightening anchors, moving seed mussels to main lines and re-socking undersize mussels has always had to be fitted in where possible.  A second vessel will allow this essential maintenance to take place in a timely fashion.

During busy harvesting periods this will also reduce strain on a single vessel and increase our production reliability to our customers.  There is also scope to increase production with a second vessel.

Christopher Thomason of C&A Thomason said: “We are very pleased with the new equipment we’ve purchased, which without the support of HIE could not have gone ahead.

“The equipment will ensure we can sustain our careful handling procedures to maintain quality standards and ensure our shellfish reaches our customers in peak condition.”


More information can be found on the link bellow.