Shetland Select mussels are grown by the Thomason family in the clean and pure waters of Basta Voe, in Yell, Shetland.

This naturally pristine environment is ideal for the mussels to develop and grow as Mother Nature intended.


Our mussel farming has a very low impact on the natural environment and our farm managers are committed to ensuring that this precious location is protected – not only for the ongoing production of top quality shellfish – but also for the wellbeing and enjoyment of future generations.

We are very proud of our reputation for superior quality, so we maintain that by harvesting in season,  when our mussels are in peak condition, and selecting by hand, so only the very best reach our customers.

This careful handling and onward transportation maintains quality and ensures that our shellfish arrive with our chefs, restaurateurs, and wholesalers in peak condition, resulting in maximum shelf life.

Basta Voe

Yell is an island to the north of the Shetland mainland thats varied coastline includes some of the best beaches in Shetland. It is home to outstanding wildlife, with large seabird and seal colonies, numerous whale and dolphin sightings, and an amazing otter population.

A ferry links Yell and the neighbouring islands of Unst and Fetlar to Toft in the north mainland.

Basta Voe is a long voe or inlet on the east coast of the island that provides perfect natural conditions for growing Shetland Select mussels.

Product Details

  • Superior quality rope grown mussels (Mytilus Edulis)
  • Grown naturally in the Shetland Islands
  • Large size – thin shell – high meat yield
  • Fresh product – deliveries up to four times per week

  • Delivered in 25kg polystyrene boxes, iced and sealed
  • Each box containing five x 5 kilo bags
  • Boxes and bags branded
  • Full traceability – regularly tested

  • Wholesale suppliers – guaranteed “exclusivity radius” available
  • Grown on a ‘boutique’ farm in a naturally organic environment
  • Delivered direct from the farm to the customer