We are very proud of our reputation for superior quality, so we maintain that by harvesting in season, when our mussels are in peak condition, and selecting by hand, so only the very best reach our customers.

We suspend harvesting in the warmer summer months, while our mussels spawn. With farms on both the east and west sides of Shetland, there is a slight variation in water temperature, so we can minimise that suspension period. Our customers always accept the seasonal nature of the product and trust that we will only supply mussels when they at their very best.

With packing stations in both Lerwick and Cullivoe, we can accommodate multiple orders and packing requirements. Careful handling and safe onward transportation maintains quality and ensures that our shellfish arrive with our customers in peak condition, resulting in maximum shelf life.

Our product is highly sought after and valued by a loyal customer base comprising restaurants, the hospitality industry and small retail outlets.